Complete:May 2018


The Bend is master planned to include convenient access to services that residents and guests require frequently, The front of the development includes thousands of square feet for retail shopping, casual and fast food dining as well as services such as banking, drug store and gas station. These services will also be easily accessed by commuters and residences nearby The Bend.

Details: 13,800 sq. ft. for restaurants and dining; convenience amenities including 100 parking spaces


Bank/Credit Union

Another stunning design by celebrated architect Stanley Tigerman, the bank at The Bend is just over 2,800 square feet. Situated on a 13,800-square-foot lot, there is plenty of space for several drive-thru lanes and parking. The building is both functional and striking.

Food and Beverage

13,800 square feet of The Bend’s retail space has been allotted for fast casual and fast food restaurants. Although these restaurants and their menus will be known to most customers, the look of the restaurants will be unique since they will be housed in a complex designed by celebrated architect Stanley Tigerman.


With a rounded end shrouded in corrugated metal and glass and 11,795 square feet of retail space, the pharmacy at The Bend will be a convenient resource in a unique, visually appealing building.

Gas/Service Station

Functional, yet eye-catching, the gas / service station at The Bend was designed by celebrated architect Stanley Tigerman. With its cantilever roof and striking black details, the building will provide a unique service station experience. At 5,400 square feet, there will be a spacious food mart as well.