Complete:Fall 2018


This solar panel project size as of July 1, 2017 is set at 8.744MW, which consists of 27,324 solar panels, each 320 watts. Annual production is estimated at 11,804,776kwh yearly over next 30 years. The power will be used locally to help stabilize electricity prices along with environmental attributes. This project’s useful lifespan is 30 years. Environmental impact for this plant is huge. It will be like planting 5,717,200 trees and taking 245,700 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Zero Emission credits, Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and the Federal ITC (Investment Tax Credit) are the financial incentives.

Details: The new Illinois Public Act 99-0906* or better known as Illinois Future Jobs Act (Solar for ALL program) is what makes this possible. This ACT went into effect June 1, 2017. Estimated capital costs to build the solar plant – $12mm, creating 40-50 construction jobs and 5 full time plant jobs. If not for the new Public Act this project would not be feasible in Illinois. This ACT was established to SAVE the jobs at Cordova Nuclear Plant and to create jobs in the solar sector, thus the nickname “Solar for ALL".

*Illinois Future Energy Jobs ACT(P.A. 99-0906) The Future Energy Jobs bill (SB 2814) was enacted into LAW on December 7, 2016, as Public Act 99-0906, with an effective date of June 1, 2017(The "ACT"). The Act calls for updates to Illinois' renewable portfolio standards, net metering, and energy efficiency standards, as well as a new zero emissions credits plan. Under the ACT, the Illinois Power Agency (the "IPA”) is charged with developing various plans and the utilities are changed with collecting and distributing funds and entering into contracts for the procurement of emission credits. This summary is focused on Renewable Portfolio Standard, the Initial Forward Procurement, the Long Term Procurement Plan, the Zero Emissions Standard and Net metering. The ACT also includes significant energy efficiency, Job creation, and training provisions.